5 Tips for a Better Prayer Life


Who doesn’t long to have a better prayer life? I cannot think of one person who feels their prayer life is on par with where they want it to be. No matter how much they pray they always feel they could be doing it more. I don’t have an anagram from you to follow like ACTS or TACS or anything like that. Those are good programs for people who can follow them.

1) Schedule It!
Most people would agree that if it gets on the schedule it gets done. I am one of those who would agree, I am pretty rigid about wanting to stick to my schedule. But if you are like me, when its not an external appointment that involves someoneelses time I struggle to keep to it. In another post I speak about the importance of setting schedule for your life.

2) Structure It!
While I think it is important to have some freeness to your prayer I do agree with it helps when it is slightly structured. Not rigidly structured that you have to be a robot to pray it. I tend to follow the pattern of confessing my sin, repenting,thanksgiving, interceding for other, and petitioning for my own needs. It doesn’t have to follow my pattern also long as it contains similar elements, it helps the process.

3) Do it!
It is easy to talk about prayer and how important we think it is. While it’s a whole other thing to actually take the time to pray. Once you realize that it is important enough to put on the schedule and you have some sense of how to attack it, now it’s time to do it. You don’t have to pray for hours to be an effective prayer warrior. You can pray for ten minutes and have more impact than someone who prays twice as long with an empty heart.

4) Be Sincere!
As you pray do it from a place of sincerity. God knows what you need long before you ask Him. Talk to him as you would talk to a dear friend or maybe even your own father. Hold nothing back. Let him know your sorrows and regrets, along with your joys. The more you open up to Him the more He will respond. In James he tells us that if we draw close to God he will draw close to us.(James 4:8)

5) Write It Out!
If you feel like your prayers are getting stagnant try writing them out in a journal or in a program like Evernote, or DayOne on you Apple device. (sorry I don’t know of another for Android). I have found that by writing my prayers out it helps me to organize my thoughts better and allows me to be more precise in what I am talking about with God. So don’t write this off with out at least trying it for say a week and see how it works out for you. You never know journaling could become your favorite method of prayer and the best part of your day.

My hope is these tips will encourage you to pray more and feel as though you are doing well at it. Even though it is not a competition, we all want to do better. May the Lord richly bless your time in prayer, and knit you closer to him that once you begin this time together it will be more natural and you will keep it up.

Question: What would you add to this list to improve your prayer life?


  1. Mary Burrell

    These are good tips and i have notebooks that i write in for my spiritual life

    1. pmhorneadmin (Post author)


      Thank you very much! It is an awesome thing to keep track of isn’t it? I commend you for doing so. Keep up the walk. God Bless,

  2. Mary Collins

    Great tips! I tweeted to share your ideas with others.

    1. pmhorneadmin (Post author)

      Thank you so much Mary!! I really appreciate it. I hope they help bless many people. God Bless,

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