A Review of the Lost Sermons of C. H. Spurgeon Vol. 2

Don’t buy this book. Buy 2 of them! Because you are going to wish you had one at least to give away.

Holy Cow! What an awesome book is this I have been given by B&H Publising to review for them. Over the last ten years I have done a lot of book reviews for class and for publishers. This has to have been one of the greatest books I have ever reviewed. It clocks in at over 500 pages and these are not some chency pages they are a good size.

Now I do have to admit something straight out; I love Spurgeon and most everything about him. I have a lot of his other written works, and works about him. So when I was given the oppportunity to review this book I jumped at it.

It has a great artistic cover mimicking the cover of the actual notebook in which these sermons are located. It has a grand total of 57 sermons in the book. Each better than the last. There seems to be a progression in his ability to write these sermons which the reader can take note of. While the sermons are the work of Spurgeon the collection were edited by Christian T. George. He did an excellent job in making the notes comprehedable and the outlines themselves more accessible.

My only dislike about the book is for someone like me who enjoys highlighting and marking up the pages it is not conducive to that. They are high gloss pages and to me it feels more like a coffee table book than a reference material which is how I long to use it. I know you are saying to yourself no one stoping me from marking up the pages it will just be harder to do because of the style of book it is.

This book is a MUST OWN for Spurgeon lovers, pastors, and seminarians.

I did receive a copy of the book for review from B&H Publishers.

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