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I am a young man by most standards (as I write this I’m 35). I have earned my Masters of Divinity from LBTS(Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary). I am married to my lovely bride Lory we have been married since April 2007. We have two boys Ethan’s 13 and Richard’s 9.

I am the education intern at my local church. I teach and preach every chance I get whether in a church setting or a man cave.  I love reformed theology and the doctrines of grace. When I am not writing or spending time with my family you can find me reading whether its a blog or a book. I am a social media lover so you can find me on Facebook or Twitter throughout the day (probably more than I should be).

I am also an outdoors man who loves to hunt whitetail deer. I am one of the founding members of Swamp Jumper, which is dedicated to taking men out into the woods and telling them about Jesus.

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What can you expect from this site?

I’m glad you asked that question.  I hope to provide you all with good quality content from sermons I have written to some scholarly material I write for classes. What will make up the majority of this content is going to be devotional writing on how to see Jesus in the mundane. I also hope to from time to time have tips and pointers on how to do better Bible study. I am not positive how often I will be writing; Life is hectic with school, but  like I said I hope to provide good quality content.

I make this promise to you that as long as I can I will write content that is pleasing to the Lord.

I also plan to respond to every comment, email, twitter post and Facebook comment received, to the best of my ability. 

If there is something else you would like to know about me please don’t hesitate to ask.

I would love to keep in touch with you, we can do that by you signing up to receive my latest post by email on the right hand side of the screen, or by joining my newsletter.


Life is hard, but God is good,

Paul (PMHorne)


P.S. IF you would like to know what kind of books I like here is a link to an Amazon wish list of books that I would love to have.


  1. Ben Nginabule

    Hi Paul

    I find your blog a blessing. I have download all your issues since 2009 for my reading. You have godly contents, good stuff to read. I will keep in touch.

    Good bless.

    Ben Nginabule
    Solomon Islands

    1. pmhorne

      Thanks for your kind comments. I am glad you find my work encouraging. A lot of what you will get will be from classes I have taken to earn my degrees. God Bless,

    2. Karen (Spiritual Wanderer)

      This is Karen (Spiritual Wanderer) again. SORRY FOR ALL THE MISPELLINGS IN PREVIOUS COMMENT. Am using a “smart keyboard” on my phone that is not always very smart!

  2. Terri Robson Gilley

    Wow…I have just seen your website, although I have read some of your recent posts. Putting you in my favorites and hope to be back soon to delve in more into your writing. Your biography made me think of my youngest son, he will be 34 this year. He got married in March, 2007, and also loves the outdoors. And he has a beard like yours. LOL. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing. Blessings :)

    1. pmhorneadmin

      Thank you for the kind words. I hope you do come back and enjoy all that you find. -Paul

  3. Alexi George (@AlexiGeorge)

    This is the second time I’m visiting your blog. I like the practical approach you take.

    1. pmhorne

      Alexi, Thank you for the kind words. I am glad you have been enjoying the blog. God Bless, Paul

  4. Karen (Spiritual Wanderer)

    I have been ill for a yeat, and I liked the posy about not giving up. I plan to also comment on G+. I just know God never gives up on us. I have a Christian blogsite and invite you to visit: http://www.spiritualwanderings.com

    1. pmhorne

      Karen, thanks for responding, I am sorry to hear that you have been ill for a year. Don’t worry about the spelling errors they happen. Hope you continue to enjoy the site. God Bless, Paul.


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