Are we really all that different?

I have been coming to this realization for a while, but it is true not just in everyday life but in my world of Fibromites (fellow people with fibromyalgia). The Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to serve him as a volunteer at my local church as an intern. I work three to four days a week about five hours a day. Some days are worse than others, and some days are not so bad. It is the days that require a lot more of me physically that really do me in because I am not only finished for that day but sometimes I am down a few more days.

All of this to say no one with this disease is exactly the same as someone else, so please stop saying “I know someone who has fibromyalgia too.” While I believe you, you probably know them for what they are capable of doing. I on the other hand may be able to handle more/or less than the other person you know. I don’t write these words to be cruel, I write them to share my heart with you. Yes there may be many similarities shared between fellow Fibromites, there are still plenty of distinctions.

While there is not a cure for my condition, the condition of my heart and soul is of greater importance. I may not always be happy, but I can be joyful. You may be asking yourself “How can he be in such constant pain and still be joyful?” My answer for you is that it is not of me but Jesus Christ who provides me my joy. I hope that we all would find our joy in Christ and not in earthly things or situations. Everyone comes from a different background but we can all acknowledge there is one TRUE AND LIVING GOD, and his name is JESUS.

For some this acknowledgement is going to be difficult, for others it may be easier to accept. Which ever camp you fall into please be respectful of others beliefs. As an aspiring pastor I know where I fall. While we’re different we are all created in the image of God, so we have plenty of similarities.

Question: What similarities and differences do you choose to celebrate in other people? 

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