Can I Have a Mulligan?


Those who know golf will get my reference in the chapter title. It is the equivalent of having multiple lives in a video game. The one thing a lot people I know wish they could have is a chance to do one  big event over in their lives. There are many times I have screwed up and wish I could take back, however, I have learned with out those mistakes I may not have learned the lesson the Lord was trying to teach me.

Now let me be clear, we don’t have to commit mistakes on purpose, so then we can say I had to learn from that mistake. We should be able to learn from our victories as well. Instead of asking God for a Mulligan, how about you recognize every opportunity to learn place before you. Everyday you wake up and are not out of commission it is another chance to learn. Are you going to be alert enough to realize the opportunity being placed in your lap?

My story is full of ups and downs. According to societal standards I am not doing well, because my finances are null, and I don’t have a fancy car, etc. I have a family whom I love, a God who loves me so much that he allowed his Son to die a agonizing death on a cross. I am almost done with my formal education, I can see the end in sight which leaves me with my Mdiv in Pastoral Ministries. I have a Bachelors of Science in Religion that I was Manga Cum Laude. I am a preacher(notice I didn’t say pastor) of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, along with being a group leader with Swamp Jumper. These are some of the highs I am experiencing in my life.

When it comes to the lows they are deep pits. I struggle with my oldest child being disrespectful on a regular basis, what makes things worse is my health is far from dependable. I am what my crowd calls a spoonie, a chronic pain sufferer (Fibromyalgia). We call ourselves spoonies because we live lives with a certain amount of spoons available for daily use, and once they are used we are finished for the day. The scary thing is we don’t get the same amount of spoons each day, making it hard to know how to plan ones life. This is one reason why I am grateful for my wife, Lory. She helps handle a lot of the day-to-day.

In all of these things the good and the bad, I have learned it is all about perspective, you know how you choose to view things. Are you allowing the things around you to dominate you or are you having dominion over them? We cannot control all the things that happen to us and at times want to scream for a Mulligan at the top of our lungs. But for the Christian we have a hope and secure trust that God is working all things together for our good as long as we love Christ. (Romans 8:28) We don’t need that Mulligan, we continue to press on toward the example Christ has set for us.

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