On This Day of Giving Thanks


While the date changes every year the day stays the same, the last Thursday of November is ceremonially known in the USA as Thanksgiving. It is supposed to be a day when we gather together with loved one (friends and family), to celebrate how thankful we truly are for things, events, whatever has taken place in the last year.

Yes it’s true we should be thankful for the things we have, if you are a believer in Christ however you should be especially thankful for what he did for you on the cross of Calvary. And not just a few days out of the year, but everyday we should awaken with a new song of praise and gratitude toward our great God for the work he did on our behalf. When one examines the Bible the concept of thankfulness is abundant especially in the OT.

I am not just speaking to you as the reader but to myself as the author, more often than not I need to be reminded of the cost that was paid.

Grace needs to permeate my home and the rest of my life. Once we learn about grace it begins to teach us how to be thankful by praising God not only for the things he has done but mainly because of who he is. It is easy to say “If God doesn’t do another thing for me he is still worthy of praise.” It’s another thing to live it.

My family is not the most wealthiest one you would meet, we often struggle financially, but the Lord always provides for us. We were blessed by the generosity of strangers to have a great holiday. I only hope that when we are in positions to help others we don’t stop to ask what’s in it for us, rather we would ask how does this glorify the Lord? When I started this post I had Logos open to some great material on thanksgiving and praise and was going to do a study on the Hebrew terms, however, the Lord has guided me in a different direction.

It is my hope that as the holiday season comes upon us we will not just stop with giving thanks today but find something to be grateful for each day of our lives. When we struggle to see the good things we have we can rejoice in Christ’s finished work on the cross. Start with that and trust that God will guide you toward more things to be grateful for. Each time I challenge God with this type of request He has never left me empty. Actually he fills me up to the point of overflowing. Jesus amazes me in how He can take a situation that drives me crazy and over time teaches me to appreciate it.

So on this day of giving thanks, I thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I hope it’s been and encouragement to you and helps you to look to the cross. Because at the cross there is power. Power to change lives, power to raise the dead to life, power unimaginable.

Grace and Peace,


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