3 Steps to Reignite Passion in Your Life.


It’s is not an easy question to consider is it? But I would appreciate it if you took a moment to really think about the question. So…what is your answer? If it was no congratulations you are a lucky person. I on the other hand would have to answer this question on most days with a resounding yes. I do lack passion in my life. At least a burning desire to do certain things (except for writing). I love to write.

If you find yourself lacking, what are some things you could do to change? How about change your scenery. Changing what you have around you could release feelings and emotions you had not felt in a very long time. Go to a place you have never been before, or it could be a place you love but haven’t been to in a while. Where is a place you can go for a change?

Try something new. I know personally I love writing and glass engraving. They are both very cathartic for me. Each allows me to express my inner artist to one degree or another. Writing allows me to show more of the inner me and what is going on in my head. While glass engraving allows me to show off what I can do with my hands. I say try something new because before I was given a Dremel for my birthday last summer I would have never known glass engraving would be so much fun. What is something new you can try, one thing you have thought of just never attempted?

Meet more people. It sounds kinda funny but by meeting new people you open up new doors to the first two suggestions. You may end up going somewhere you haven’t been or doing something you’d never consider. I am slowly getting to know some of the baristas names at the local Starbucks and they have become a little more familiar/friendly with me. You never know if you’re single you could find your soulmate there I know one friend who did.

It is easy to fall into ruts or funks or whatever you want to call it. When we feel almost life less and wonder what in the world is going on. Being a student and a parent I can usually tell you what my life is going to consist of especially when I am without money. It is a lot of staying home doing homework of some sort. This becomes boring very quickly. My wife struggles with the same thing. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Try these tips and see if your life doesn’t perk up a bit.


Question: What do you suggest to help bring passion back to your life?


  1. davehindsight

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  2. mickeytea

    You could expand and revise this article so much.

    1. pmhorne

      What suggestions do you have? I was trying to keep it short and sweet. Most people don’t want to read a long post anymore.

      1. mickeytea

        Quite the opposite actually. 2000+ articles are all the rage nowadays.

        It’s your article, you want me to do the work for you? 😛

        1. pmhorne

          I know Google is looking for longer posts, but I have gotten decent input about the length of my posts. And no I’m not asking you to write my post, I am asking for your input into what you think would make this better. I want to offer good value to my readers. If you have something valuable to say, I’m all ears. God Bless,

          1. mickeytea

            I was kidding, man. First thing I noticed is that it’s not well formatted. You could also do a bit more convincing and story-telling so that your readers WANT to try your advice. But hey, I’d best stop handing out my sage wisdom and go write some content myself 😛

  3. mickeytea


    Here’s an article from my fave blogger along similar lines. You lose yourself reading an article like that, and the writer’s voice takes over your inner monologue… first by resonating with it, then pulling it away to make his point.


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