Don’t Just Walk Away From What Matters Most to You


Thinking of Giving Up

Have you  ever just wanted to give up on something so bad, even though you could almost taste it? I mean something extremely important to you. Have you ever just wanted to walk away from a relationship, because you couldn’t see the fruit of it, or where it was headed?


This is  kinda how I have been feeling over the last few weeks with God if I am to be completely honest. I mean all we want is complete transparency from those in Christian leadership right, we want to know all the gritty little details about the struggles they face, so we can know they are real people. How’s this ring true for you? I feel farther from God now than I have in my entire Christian life and I have been doing more Christian work than ever before. I still read my Bible, pray, and fellowship with other believers. I just don’t get the feeling God cares anymore.


I know it is a horrible thing to say, because God cares about us all. I know in Hebrews it says, “He will never leave you, nor forsake you.” I know, but I don’t remember reading anywhere about feeling completely isolated from Him, or from others I am trying to build with.


Each week over the last 15 weeks I have, had an assignment where I have had to list the role(s) of the Holy Spirit in my life. This has been one of he hardest tasks for me to complete each week. But I have had to think long and hard about what the Spirit has been doing around and through me. Each week I have come up with an acceptable answer to this topic.


Coming to a Realization… I Can’t Quit

After, answering this question it helps me to be comforted by the fact God has not left me alone, so therefore I shouldn’t just leave him alone. One of the things I believe in is the perseverance of the saints (believers). And no matter how hard things seem, or how far I get from God, I must continue to move forward looking for Him, and hoping to find Him. It is not an easy thing to persevere when things get tough, but it is how I know the Holy Spirit is working in me, giving me the strength necessary to pursue him.


The question which comes to mind is, “What can be done to reverse this empty, absent feeling we have from God?” And the only thing, coming to mind is to go back and do what we first did when we came to know Christ. Whether it is reading the Bible more, or praying for others more frequently, maybe what needs to be done requires us to be still and just listen to what the Lord is trying to tell us through people and things around us.


Jesus wants to be in relationship with us, which is one of the reasons he came to earth in the form of a man. It was to form earthly relationships. We also need to build loving relationships with others, and show them more than just brotherly love, but the love of Christ which is all consuming. It is not easy to be a Christian. It can be even harder when you are not hearing from God. But it is not a reason to give up trying. Move forward even when you don’t see the path, we are told the “just walk by faith not by sight.” So get moving in the direction in which you believe you will find the Lord, and hold fast to His promise that if you “draw nigh unto me, I will draw nigh unto you.” Meaning if you come close to me I will come close to you.


One of the best things I have ever heard and I cannot remember where I heard it is God is always answering prayer, it may not be how you want it to be but it is getting answered, with a, “Yes, NO, or Not yet.” So open your eyes and ears and pay attention to the things happening around you, maybe God is speaking to you and you’re missing the response. It is amazing the things we can notice when we all we do is try.



Question: Are you ready to give up or are you going to trust Jesus to be your strength to try harder? 


  1. Liv

    I certainly have these moments as well…more times then I’d care to admit. It’s the busyness and the striving for significance and not being able to find it. It’s hard being still and even when I am, my thoughts are still going at the speed of light in my head but like the Isrealites, we need to build momuments in our heads – times of remembrance of who the Lord is and what He has done in our life. We need to remember it’s not only about our feelings that change like the seasons but the constancy of God’s character and love. It’s wonderful when it’s there but we continue pressing on even when it’s not. There’s no giving up because Jesus didn’t give up and that’s gives me a strength that I know doesn’t come from myself.

    1. pmhorne (Post author)


      Please forgive me for taking so long to reply. Yes it can be very hard to still ourselves. We just have to trust that Jesus will keep us. Keep pressing along. God Bless, Paul


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