Facing the Unknown


When facing uncertainty in life there are several options available. The one which is most prominent is fear. There are a few areas in my life right now where I have no clue as to what God is doing. However, I should not allow it to stop me because as a Christian I know there are promises in place for me like Romans 8:28-30.

I have learned when I don’t know the whole plan, I have to work the portion I do know. We often want God to reveal everything to us all at once, but there are times we will not be able to handle the kind of revelation we seek. This is where trusting Jesus “puts rubber to the road” we get to show off our faith, because we have no other option but to put it into action.

Of course we continue to pray and seek guidance, but we must put in some work as well. James 2:14-20 is a great biblical example of how we do this. I personally have four classes left until I complete my Master’s of Divinity degree. I will be re-doing one class and taking two counseling classes which I have to write in a format I know nothing about. I have written in Turabian for the last six years, I now have two classes which require APA. While still working with the previous format for the other two classes.

I can either be afraid of what is coming or I can face it head-on while still being scared. Some would define courage as the absence of fear, while others define it as doing things inspite of the fear. The second option sounds more like me. What are you doing that requires you to do it afraid? Have you allowed the weight of it to hold you back? This is where I say we hold fast to Hebrews 11:1, and 6.

It is because of who Christ is I can face the unknown bravely.

Question: Are you capable of facing the unknown head on?

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