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This one goes out to all of my subscribers, those of you who have given me access to your inbox with my voice. THANK YOU! The title of this post is kind of a double entendre. Not only is this post for you, but it also has to do with me, my schooling, hobbies, and my pastors. As I have said before I am rather busy with my health not being top notch, and being a seminary student with a wife and kids. For school I have to read or else assignments won’t get done. I recently finished a class on Hebrew language tools, which is meant to help me use tools to do word studies for papers, sermons, or wherever it may be useful. That required a lot of reading and memorization.

Coming up in the spring semester I have one class that requires me to read 5-6 books (this is just one class). Any who, I am trying to grow in my relationships with my pastors of the church my family has been attending since my wife and I returned from Haiti back in August. So both pastors recommended a book and one even gave me a copy of it to read called One-to-One Bible reading, and they both also mentioned how I should read The Trellis and the Vine. At the time of writing this I have burned through The Trellis and the Vine and have about a third left of One-to-One to read. You may be asking yourself the same questions I asked, “why would I want to do more reading on top of all that I have read for school this year?” The only answer I could come up with is I have come to the realization if I want to be a good pastor I need to be a good reader. Be it articles, books, blogposts, or what have you I need to not only read but enjoy it.

The rub comes when I am forced to read a book which I have no interest in. These books my pastors endorsed have been pretty good, I even started a new one by Andy Stanley Creating Community. These three books have one thing in common they want people getting involved in each others lives. I start back to school on Jan 18, 2016 and hope to get through this book and possibly one or two others. I have heard it said that successful people enjoy reading and learning. What about you? Do you enjoy reading? Would you read a book your pastor mentions without explicit instructions to do so?

By taking the initiative to read these books I am trying to show I am capable of being taught and willing to learn. These are traits I would want in an apprentice/mentee. I hope to show many things, but most of all I hope to honor Christ by listening to the men he has placed in my life.

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Question(s): What are you willing to do outside of your comfort zone to build relationship/community with another person? What are your goals for reading this year?

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