Fighting For A Balanced Life


What have I been trying to do lately? I have been trying to learn how to live in balance, or you could say a more balanced lifestyle. How’s that been going you may be asking yourself? Well I am glad you’ve asked. I have been sucking at it worse than when I paid no attention to how I was trying to live. A few months back I set a supposed schedule for how I wanted my days to go, and apparently God thought it was funny, because He has let me get WAY OFF TRACK.

I would call my supposed schedule a mere pipe dream.Due to the amount of pain I have been experiencing, I have not been able to sleep when I wanted to, study as much as I need to or do much of anything else the way it needs to be done. It has been hard to deal with more now than any other time I can recall in recent history (meaning the last few years). I have always had pain in my life since I was a teenager and have had a pretty high tolerance for it. Up until the last few years after being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Since then my tolerance seems to be shot. I can sometime barely handle having clothes on, or having anything touching my skin, because it hurts so badly.

Yet in still life goes on. I have learned I need to do all I can while I can. Some days are better than others, but lately most of my days have been crappy. There is still a greater lesson to be learned through these crappy days. What is it you may be wondering? God is still in control, he is still sovereign over all things. With that being said there are many other questions which come to mind. Like if God is sovereign then why does he allow__________ to happen? ( You can fill in the blank).

The best answer I can give you is because he is God. I just acquired a book by D. Martin Lloyd-Jones on Why Does God Allow Suffering? I am looking forward to reading it along with a book along similar lines by Philip Yancey Where is God When it Hurts? These are two books by great authors I am looking forward to on this topic.

The way I am learning to restore balance is to do the best I can and trust God to help me make it through the process. I will have to learn how to push a little bit harder, because I am starting to feel a little burned out with school and life. I have a slight reprieve for about a week, then it is a back at it full force. Tweet: Balance is not easily achieved it has to be fought for. Which means the schedule I created before either needs to be revised or completely overhauled. As of this moment I am unsure of which route to take.

My suggestions for living in a more balanced life are to set goals you feel are just out of your reach, build a schedule (you can actually live by), eat well, and rest often. If you can implement these things then there is a chance you will begin to find some balance in your life. Keep in mind this is merely my suggestions there is no proven science behind what I am telling you, they are just things I have learned from my own life, I felt like sharing with you.

Question: What are some suggestions you have for living a more balanced life?


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