Fighting for my Why, While Looking for My What


I am not sure how to go about doing this post to be completely honest with you. There I have said it or did I. I am struggling with my why lately, some of you will understand what mean as soon as I say it others I have to break it down for.

When I say I am struggling with my “WHY” it means I am struggling with knowing why is it I do the things I do. I used to think I knew my why, but it was never super solidified in me. And over the last few months I have barley written anything, and I think it’s because my why has been up in the air. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart and want to make him known throughout the world. So much so that I am studying to be a pastor.

With that being said, I am not sure that is my why for being what I do or how I tend to do it. I used to love writing then it became all about the numbers (which have never been stellar) but I got to focused on how many people were visiting my site. When it wasn’t enough I just kinda lost my steam. I forgot my why. Have you ever forgotten your why? What was that like for you? How’d you come back from that?

I am nowhere near where I really want to be, but I am working toward my why all the while trying to work on my what at the same time. Do I use writing to attract people or video, maybe I should try doing a podcast, I don’t know and these are all things I am thinking about. I would love your feedback if you have ever read one of my other posts or watched a video. What do you think my why is and which method should become my what?

I Would Love to Hear From You

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