How to Fight Back…If We Think We Are Going Relapse


Fighting the terrible power of addiction.

It is easy for someone who has never struggled with addiction to sit back and cast a long shadow of judgement on an addict. Let’s be real for a minute most of us are addicted to something whether or not we will admit it is another story. My biggest addiction now-a-days is caffeine. I have to have at least 2 cups of coffee a day.


I have just had a dear friend admit  they needed to go back to rehab after being clean for close to a year. In stead of being disappointed with them I wanted to celebrate. Why would one celebrate such and event? Because this person has grown enough they recognized they were on a very dangerous path, and wanted to cut it off cold.


This is a great sign of maturity. And I support this person whole heartedly. Being a former addict myself, I can understand the draw of addiction. I was a fully functional alcoholic by the age of 15, and was using an ounce of marijuana by myself the last day I used. It is only because of God’s good grace that I never fell into harder drugs.


Talk With Someone

If we think we are going to relapse we need to talk to someone, not just anyone though but someone who will be brutally honest! I know those are often the people we want to avoid, but they are the ones we should be seeking out. This can be a person you have known for years or someone you have just met (within reason). You don’t need another yes man, you need someone to love you with honesty.

Leave the Area

Once we have had that conversation we need to remove ourselves from the situation, which is tempting us to do something stupid which we will regret. I have learned proximity can be a very dangerous thing. So by moving away from the situation we are giving ourselves a greater chance to succeed in the fight.

Do Something Else

Find something else to take your mind off of wanting to seek out that behavior. When your mind is busy you don’t have time to worry about giving into falling off the wagon. Sometimes it is best to combine this point with the previous point, leave and go do something else. I have found doing things with my hands makes me think differently and takes  me away from the situation.


While this may be the last thing listed it is not the last step to be taken, it in fact should be mixed in throughout the process. There is no way on this planet I would have been able to stay clean/sober on my own with out Jesus Christ. I run to Him every time I feel stressed out and think about wanting to do something I know better than.  When prayer lines up with the will of God will, we can trust it to be heard and answered, (1 Jn 5:14-15). I guess you can say I saved the best for last.  Because this is the most important piece of the puzzle.


It is my hope that all of us who have ever been addicts will come to know Jesus in a personal and real way. Some will dismiss me as crazy or just finding a new addiction. But for those of us who have experienced this new way of life we know the truth, and are trying to help others find the light in the tunnel.  Please if you think someone you know or yourself is going to fall back into a deadly pattern step up and take charge of the situation. Don’t just let life happen take control and make it happen. You have a choice to make no matter your situation, so FIGHT BACK and know with Jesus anything is possible (1 Cor 10:13).


Addiction is not an easy thing to break away from. I have seen it destroy the lives of some of the people closest to me. There is another way and it starts by turning to Jesus.
Question: What are you or a loved one in danger of relapsing into if you are not careful?

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