Is Prayer Your Last Resort?


I recently read a quote from Corrie Ten Boom (I think) saying “Is prayer your steering wheel, or your spare tire?” What a great question. I know for me I struggle with being consistent with prayer. I have had classes in school which have dealt tremendously with prayer and I still suck at doing it like I would like to. And part of it is because I think deep down I doubt God.

I know, I know a pastor is not supposed to say things like this but it’s the truth. Just today in a conversation with my wife we were discussing it in a different manner, but still discussing prayer. And how hard it is to pray when you don’t see results. I informed her there are always results just maybe not the ones we wanted or hoped for.

Over the course of my Christian life 12+ years I have read at least 6-12 books strictly about prayer. And one of the best is by Paul E. Miller called A Praying Life I have written a brief review of it here.

I asked how often do you cry out to God because I sincerely want to know. I feel I am seeking God with my small prayers for peace and a better state of mind when I am in an argument with my children or my spouse. As I was doing my quiet time this morning I ended up reading through several Psalms. As I sat here reading I noticed they were Psalms of David crying out for deliverance.

He was doing what I do just more eloquently. He was asking for God’s help to deal with his enemies and any given situation. Why do you think he was doing this? In Psalm 66:16-20 David is speaking to the people about how he cried out to God and how God heard him.

Or how about Psalm 63 where almost the whole thing speaks about God’s hearing and his goodness. This is why we cry out to God, because we hope He hears us and will respond in kind. But why don’t we spend more time in dedicated prayer instead of shooting off these quick plea’s for help? In part its because we are afraid, one that God may actually hear us and do what we have asked, and two he won’t do what we have asked so what’s the point of asking anyway.

James tells us, we have not because we ask not and when we do ask we do it from the wrong motives.(James 4:2) Seek the kingdom of God first and all things will be added to you (Matt 6:33), how does one go about seeking the kingdom of God you may ask. By prayer! Christ taught the disciples how to seek the kingdom by teaching them the Lord’s prayer in (Matthew 6:9-13).

We also know prayer is important because it was the one act Jesus spent a lot of time doing, either alone or in and amongst the Apostles. At one point before His crucifixion Jesus cried out to His father, to let this cup pass before me, but ultimately said not my will but your will be done. (Matt 26:39)


Questions: Do you have a special place and time you pray? Do you trust God to hear you and respond to your prayers? How have you seen God move because of your prayers in the recent past?

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God Bless



  1. Mary Collins

    I pray in my bedroom in the morning and at bedtime. I find these are the times I am most focused. I have learned from experience not to use pray as my spare tire.

    1. pmhorne (Post author)

      That is awesome you have set times of prayer! I commend you for that, it is a hard lesson to learn to trust God with prayer in more than just emergencies. But the more we grow in his mercy and live in His grace the more we should desire to talk with Him. God Bless, Paul


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