Now Be a Good Theologian….


Now like any good theologian I know I shouldn’t be anxious about things. But when it seems like every time you turn around something else is happening, it’s kind of hard not to be anxious. So while Philippians 4:6 is profound theologically its sometimes hard to put into practice.

Over the years I’ve used or heard this verse quoted in numerous contexts. That doesn’t make it a bad thing, but it is usually not productive or helpful as I’ve come to learn. We use this verse with the best of intentions, it just muddies things up. Or it’s Philippians 4:13 that really does some damage. More than once these words are used out of place as a means of encouragement.

Sometimes all you really want is to just have someone listen to you or just be there. Before they turn into Job’s friends. If you remember they started off great, just sitting there being there for him then they opened their mouths thinking they were speaking for God. This only made Jobs’ situation worse than it was to begin with because he felt he had to defend himself from their acusations of how he was or had been living, not being privy to what God’s plan was.

How easy is it for us to point fingers and accuse God when sometimes things are just our own fault? Other times thier not. Job was a righteous man, and God allowed that test thru Satan.

When you face trials and temptations what is your go to mode? Shouldn’t we be like Christ and respond with Scripture? Sure, we should but more often than not we don’t. Let us learn to respond properly with the right heart, attitude, and motivations. When we can learn to do that our theology will begin to be acted out in a manner that will make people ask about our reason for joy and happiness when it would seem we shouldn’t have any.

All of this was brought on by a conversation with my brother from another mother. I pray that it has helped you to look at your situations and see how God can use them for His glory. And how we should learn to apply Scripture in a right way.

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