Play Your Position (My Life as an Intern pt 2)

I just finished listening to a podcast by Dr. Tony Evans from Dallas, TX. And as I listened to him all that kept coming to mind was play your position. We all have a role to play in life, and God will use any circumstances for his glory (Romans 8:28) I am enjoying being an intern at FBC Suffolk, while you won’t find me listed on the website you will notice my presence throughout the church. I have two roles that I tend to play to, one is that of a Luke to Paul, the other is like that of Timothy to Paul. The pastor whom I work under and alongside makes these roles manageable and enjoyable.

The reason I mentioned Dr. Evans is because he was talking about destiny and the things that fall in to place as you come closer to approaching your destiny. While I do not want to remain an intern forever, I enjoy serving and learning from a man who loves the Lord and the people of FBC that it will be challenging to leave my current position to do something different.

What does it look like to play your position?

It takes the form of doing what you were created to do, it is something you enjoy and can do sometimes with very little effort. It is a gifting you have that others may not seem to possess. In my Luke-type role I serve as an assistant. I do a lot of different things to help David get things done that free him up to focus on the major things his position demands. The best thing about this is that Luke did not desire to be Paul he was okay with being the second man in the room. I am being shown how to play this role by a man who does it extremely well.

Now, as a Timothy-type role, I am taking the time to ask questions and learn from David. He not only uses me like an assistant but I am able to give input and insights into certain situations. Growing in my knowledge and ability to serve the church as a whole. Timothy was a young man learning from an older man (Paul) how to do this thing called ministry. If I have questions about things I have a person whom I can call on and get a response from. Not every question is easy and not every response is the one I want to hear. But the responses are always done in a loving manner.

While there can be much overlap between the two types of roles they each serve a purpose. I do feel called to be a pastor (in particular an associate), I will continue to play my position at FBC Suffolk until the Lord tells me to move.

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