A Review of The Baptist Story


First off I would like to thank B&H Academic for the opportunity to review this work. I have to say it was a pleasurable read. I was given a copy of this work in exchange for a fair and balanced review of this book.

Let me ask you this, who doesn’t like a good story? One that is full of emotion and up’s and down’s? I know I not only like a good story I love one. The Baptist Story is just that. While not an exhaustive history it is full of great information. Having taken a Baptist history class in seminary close to a year ago, that work was still semi-fresh in my brain while reading this work. Between the two I must say I enjoyed reading The Baptist Story much more. As far as a history text it comes in rather small (but in a good way) at just around 345 pages.

This book covers a lot of ground in its short length. A nice aspect of the book is that is written almost in a conversational manner. So it is not cold like some other history’s can be. It is also has a smattering of images throughout the book, along with other antictdotes in boxes found on the page to highlight the material. I would have much preferred to read this material for class than the behemoth we had to read (which also was a little dated).

I endorse this work for personal study of Baptist history and thing it would add to anyone who enjoys a good story. Sit back enjoy a good cup of coffee, and travel back in time to the beginnings of the Baptist denomination.

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