Review of CSB Disciple’s Study Bible

What to say about this bible? Well let me start with it’s a great translation. The more I read the CSB translation the more I find it to be faithful and easily readable. One of my favorite things about this Bible is its way it handles OT quotes (and possibly allusions) It makes them bold on the page.
    Now my first impression of the Bible was I loved the design and layout of if. But the study notes seemed to be a little confusing to understand, but after reading the front matter, I came to understand that the notes are like a systematic theology break down of what is happening in Scripture. I also really liked how they had Bible study pages in the Bible to help you read and apply Scripture using the HEAR  method.
    There are some great articles about discipleship in the back of the Bible, before the awesome concordance most other Bibles seem to be lacking nowadays. Then to close out the Bible it has a nice selection of color maps.
    This is a great Bible once you grasp how to use it effectively. But to just pick it up off the shelf of your local store and think it’s just another Bible would be a mistake. I would recommend this Bible to pastors, missionaries and those wanting help diving into the Bible. This Bible could change the way you read the word and help you with making disciples who make disciples.
I received a copy of this work for a fair and balanced review. I did not have to write a favorable review. 

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