Review of Irenaeus of Lyon by Simonetta Carr

irenaeus book imageThere are many great men in history, and Ireanaeus is one of them. This is a great little book to read with your child. I read this work with my youngest son Richard (well most of it anyway). We were able to get through about half to 2/3 of the book together.
The book itself is roughly 54 pages long with great colored pictures scattered throughout. We were both extremely excited to read this book, and were not let down by the material we read together. He was so enthusiastic that he even go a notebook out and started to take notes on the life and times of Irenaeus.
This was a great book for young and old alike. I learned so much about Irenaeus and that time in history which I did not know. I think this book should be on every Christians bookshelf no matter their age.
I received a copy of this work in exchange for  a fair and balanced review.

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  1. thoughts of a wanderer

    Wow, that sounds like a cool book! Great review :) and btw, your blog is awesome! It’s great to see more Christian writers and bloggers out there; thank you!


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