Review of For the Love of God’s Word


Since starting my educational journey a few years ago, first earning my B.S. in Religion and now working on my Mdiv. I have had the job of reading a few books on the hermenutic method. Kostenberger and Patterson deliver a solid piece of work that would teach not only a seminarian like myself, but would be useful for the lay person looking to gain a stronger grasp of biblical interpretation. While this is an abrigded version of a much larger work do not be fooled it is still very robust and rather lengthy. It comes in just under 400 pages of content (albeight good content).

I liked the way the chapters start out with a set of objecitves and an outline. It allows you as the reader to know what you should be gotten from the work and where the work is headed. There are fifteen chapters to the book that walk you thourgh the differnt genres of writing and how each of them are to be understood and applied. They even have a specific section just about application,which falls under thier section of theology. They refer to the triad of hermenutics that is history, literary, and theology.

They start the book off dealing with history and how we need to see things in a historical perspective because the Bible did not take place in a vaccum. They then begin in on the literary genres of the Bible, followed by theology (whch they consider application). If you are looking for a meaty book to teach you how to interpret the Bible then this is a great book for you to have, however if you are looking for something a little less heavy, check out Fee and Stuart’s How to read the Bible for all it’s worth.

I do recommend this work to the average lay person up to the seasoned pastor (as a good reminder). It is challenging and thought provoking which a book teaching you how to better understand the Bible should be. I highly recommend this book to those looking for a meatier option in the hermeneutical process.

I received a copy of For the Love of God’s Word in exchange for my honest and fair review from Kregel Academic and Ministry.

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