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If you have been doing any research on counseling you know that there is a ton of material out there. However, not all of it is Christocentric. The book we are taking a look at today, Gospel Conversations: How to Care Like Christ. Is one of those Christocentric books. This is a very meaty book and to be honest it is not one easily used by a single person. I was able to read it and to comprehend most of the material that was read, but it is set-up more for group or one-on-one use. This is not a small book in any sense of the word. It is larger format than your average paperback and it weighs in at over 370 pages when you include the appendices.

Robert Kellemen has done an excellent job in making counseling obtainable to the lay person. While reading along I found myself marking up the pages left and right. There was much written in this book and a ton that can be said. One of the first things he impresses upon us is whether or not we should build relationship or give the gospel? That has always been a dichotomy that has been hard to traverse. A lot of people have taken the view of well its just my job to give them the gospel, and Kellemen points out, “We are more than just the UPS delivery guy.”(pg. 36) He argues that there are five different roles we are to play those of : brother, mother, father, child, and mentor. Kellemen goes on to explain with some detail, providing clarity to what each of those roles looks like in our lives and the lives of those we counsel. The way this book reads, it makes a good textbook and by having twelve different chapters it would allow for a chapter or two to be read each week.

If you are new to the world of counseling especially from a Christian perspective I would highly recommend this work to you, and I would suggest working through it with a group or at least another person to get the most out of it.

I received a copy of this work in exchange for a fair and balanced review. I was by no means required to give it a good review. I would like to thank the people at Cross-Foucsed review and Zondervan for the opportunity to review this work.

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