Review of A Small Book About a Big Problem by Ed Welch

I have been a fan of Ed Welch for years. And this book continues a trend of his, that is writing relevant works that bring us closer to the Lord. Who among us has never been angry? I am not talking upset like you burnt dinner, I mean straight up angry to where you felt you might hurt another person or thing? So I am the only one, thats good to know.
Dr. Welch does an excellent job in helping us to see anger as it really is. When he is talking about anger he means the type that leads to sin and partnership with the Devil!
I found day six to be one of  the most powerful interactions of the book. In how it breaks down the different faces of anger. I never realized what an angry person I was until I read his descriptions of anger on those few pages. He not only defines anger and what it looks like but he provides the remedy in Christ. In the book he speaks of having a plan like the AA program and working it, seeking forgiveness and being specific with God and people.
I really like this book, I would almost dare say love it. It has opened my eyes to areas where I am/have fallen short. It is my hope that it will do the same for you. If you struggle with frustrations (it may be under-layed by anger) or if you’ve been hurt by anger this work will show ways to possibly restore.
I recommend this book to EVERYONE!! If you do any kind of counseling this is a great tool for the toolkit. I received a copy of this work in exchange for a fair and balanced review.

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