Review of Spurgeon’s Sorrows


Throughout my academic career I have read many different kinds of books. I was truly delighted to read this book at a time in my life when I really needed it. I was at a place where I was struggling with the Lord, and reading this work was encouraging to me.

This book is not extremely long, but it is a very power packed 143 pages, and 12 chapters. What was so insightful was to read about the struggles one of my hero’s of the faith struggled with depression. Zack Eswine the author of the book points out about Charles, “His depression came, not only from circumstances, or from questions about whether or not he was consecrated to God, but also from the chemistry of his body.”(pg. 21) Often I have struggled with all of these areas which cause depression.

About two months ago I was diagnosed with MS and couldn’t stand to pick up the Scriptures or pray to the Lord. Eswine says, “Perhaps it will comfort you to learn that fora while ‘“The very sight of the Bible’” made Charles cry.”(pg. 22) Something I took comfort in is how it was pointed out that depression is not a sin on page 37.

“Our sense of God’s absence does not mean that He is so. Though our bodily gloom allows us no feeling of his tender touch, he holds on to us still. Our feelings of Him do not save us. He does.”(pg. 39)With there being so much truth to that sentence, I think that this one is even more potent, “So it is with God, while our bodies sometimes make a wreck of our moods and casts doubts upon our faith, He holds us secure, though we know it not, and our fit continues to rage.”(pg. 39)

There is not much fault I found with this work. I was fully engaged in it and enjoying all of the benefits it was offering. While I would normally have something bad to say about nearly anything, I was unable to find something to complain about with this book and that in and of itself is a great feat. If you or a loved one struggles with depression I highly recommend this book to you.

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  1. Trish

    Hello Fellow Tribe Writer :)

    Interesting topic. It’s reassuring to know that someone who’s considered a great theologian, a spiritual giant, was not immune to depression. Thank you for sharing this book (and a bit of your struggles) with us sometimes-weary travelers.

    And all the best to you as you seek God through this new diagnosis.
    – Trish


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