My Son Made My Heart Melt

For months now our youngest son has been asking for a “grown-up” Bible. One that he can read along with the pastor at church and have the same words, and especially one that was all his own. A seminary bookstore I follow was having a great sale (since I have a very limited income) I was able to get him an Heirloom ESV Bible at a steal. I had planned to give it to him for Christmas, but couldn’t wait to give it to him. I wish I would have taken a picture of him when I gave him the Bible.

The way he has been talking about this new Bible reminded me of when I first became a believer in Christ. The passion and joy that I had for God and His word. That is not to say I am not still passionate or joyful, there is just something about a childlike faith that changes the way things are viewed. It is a privilege to raise a young man who loves Jesus and values His word as much as my boy does. Since receiving his Bible he has asked at least twice to read some portion of Scripture, even if it’s only a few verses. Today he asked to read 2 Cor 5. We read the first pericope and he asked one major question about verse 7. He says to me “Dad, I don’t understand how we walk by faith and not by sight, what does that mean?” So I did my best to break it down for an eight year old boy to understand.

It’s these little things he does that just melt my heart. While I often wish his older brother was more like this I have to trust God that he is working in his life as well. I am not perfect and don’t always set the best example, but I try to display grace in my home. If you ever met my son or if you do know him, you know he loves Jesus and his family. And knowing how much he appreciates his new Bible is awesome. I only hope that he allows the words in the book to change him from the inside out for the better.

He wants to be a godly man when he gets older and I told him to get started on it now and he very well can be one before he knows it. Life is not easy in this house and it is full of daily challenges, but it is the little things like my son cherishing an early Christmas present which will lead him to eternal life that make this life worth living. Thanks for reading. Grace and Peace,


  1. Anne Harris

    Awesome gift, especially the interaction between father and son. Asking God to help him grow in his faith and in his walk with the Lord. Great gift, glad you gave it to him early. <

    1. pmhorne (Post author)

      Mrs. Anne, Thank you! I am glad I gave it to him early as well. This morning he came to me and asked to read Ps 76. That is three days in a row he has asked to read the Bible. I hope you are doing well. God bless, Paul


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