The Super Christian Persona

The Appearance

It’s early on a winter morning, and I’m up wondering what to do with myself. Part of me is screaming on the inside do something spiritual while another part of me is tugging me away toward something more carnal like going back to bed or playing on the X-Box One. Instead I have chosen to air my grievance on paper (or screen in this context).
I’m pretty sure you all know what I am talking about when I say the Super Christian Persona. We have all seen them at church particularly. They put on, most often I put on like I have it all together. My prayer life (which is in shambles), my quiet time (is slightly better than my prayer life), my discipleship (is on the verge of sinking), the more i examine these areas of my life the more I feel inadequate and it often does not drive me to work harder or trust more, it is the exact opposite.
Not only does the average Super Christian put on the appearance of having it all together spiritually, they would lead you to believe that every aspect of their lives is all together great and without any blemish. Leaving me to wonder what need is there for Christ in their lives? Is he the supposed glue that is holding it all together or just another piece of the puzzle?

The Solution

More than likely none of us are going to be as prolific as the Apostle Paul was and still is. Does that mean we should not strive toward doing well? Not at all. We are told by Peter in 1 Peter 1:14-16, we are not to be conformed to our former selves but to be holy as God is holy. The only way to do that is to trust fully in him and that He will bring about what we need. Paul in Philippians 2:13 we are told it is “God who works in us to WILL AND TO WORK for his good pleasure.” Soooo….. as we trust God to do what he would have us to do we should not condemn ourselves when we fall short. Romans 3:23 tells us all fall short of the Glory of God!
STOP! Beating yourself up for not praying as you think you ought to. Or for not reading the entire Bible in a sitting. Do however make a conscience effort to pray more, remember more of what you read and reach out to fellow believers. In Galatians 6 we are encouraged to bear one another’s burdens. How can you care for someone else when you know nothing about them beyond the persona they present? Get in the trenches with other believers. If you cannot find a small group START ONE. Pick a book or book of the Bible to work through together.

The Conclusion 

 Don’t try and be what that Lord never expected you to be. He wants you to be you for the world to see. It is hard to break free from putting on the Super Christian Persona, but it is liberating to live in the grace of God where you can screw up and still be loved.
Question: Do you tend to live as the Super Christian or as who you truly are?

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  1. Dennis

    It is tough to be bold in prayer when you get no feedback on whether your prayers are answered let alone being heard.


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