The Day I Had Gastric Bypass Surgery


It has been almost three years since I had this life changing surgery. It was April 15, 2012 butt early in the morning, I mean I was up long before the rooster thought about waking up. I was scared and yet excited to start this new path of my life.

I have always been overweight, even as a child I was “husky.” At my highest weight when i actually got on a scale I was close to 300 pounds and only being 5’10” was not good. I am not exactly sure how heavy I’d really gotten. I needed to have this surgery not just to lose weight, but because I had so many health issues it was getting out of control. I had type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and a list of other maladies.

My primary care physician told me the things I was doing or not doing were not good for me and there was a chance I could possibly die sooner than later if something didn’t change and quickly. We discussed my options and the best options we could agree on was gastric bypass surgery. It was not my first choice but I knew If i could do the right things It would be the best choice for me.

My family was a big part of the reason why I made the decision to go through with having gastric bypass verses the Lapband system. I did well with the surgery and came out of it like a champ so I am told. I don’t recall much of the latter part of the day after the surgery. I do recall the pain, it was the most intense pain I had ever felt in my life, but I knew it was for a good reason.

The Dr. and nurses said the best thing to do after the surgery was to walk around the ward I was on. I went at it with a vigor I never knew I had. I walked almost until I dropped from exhaustion, but it felt good to finally be doing something right for myself. I had never known how to take care of myself properly. I was in the hospital a total of three days, and was not allowed to drive for about two weeks. That was the hardest part for me I hate being a passenger, I prefer to be the driver (especially with my wife, LOL).

As the weeks went by I would see the pounds drip off of me like water off a ducks back. When I weighed in to have surgery I was 265, and the lowest weight I would reach was 160 Lbs. I hated being so skinny because I looked like a bobble head, you know what I mean, my head was too big for my skinny body. I had gone from wearing a 3-4x to a medium or large shirt.

I couldn’t recall a time in my life I had worn a shirt that size. It was exhilarating, and a little scary at the same time. I also went from being in size 50+ waist pants down to a 36 which is where I still am three years later. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to keep the weight off, but by the grace of God and God alone I have done rather well. I am not as small as I had gotten but I am nowhere near as large as i was.

The biggest reason I have gained back any weight is because I suffer from a disease/syndrome called fibromyalgia. It is the toughest thing I have ever had to battle in my life. I will discuss this more in the next post of the series. If you haven’t already check out the first several posts written in this series here, here, here and here.

Question: Have you ever had a life changing surgery or known someone who has? How has it affected you?

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