The Day I Married My Best Friend

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Like the days mentioned previously this is another day that still rings pretty clearly in my memory. It was Saturday April 21,2007, it was a nice day out not to cold nor to hot, it seemed to be the perfect day to get married. Man was I nervous. I had been through a lot of other things in my life up until this point and this was the most nerve wracking thing I’d done.

Lory (my lovely bride pictured above) said I didn’t smile enough that day. She thought I was a sour puss. I explained to here the severity of what I was taking on was scaring the day lights out of me. Not only was I taking on a wife, but a son also. This is a day filled with joy and laughter even a few tears.

I think the best piece of advice our pastor gave me was “Don’t lock your knees” I’m glad I listened because I probably would have fallen down other wise.

However before we can get to the glorious ceremony and all of the fun which took place that day, you have to know some back story about Lory and I.

I would say its circa 1997-98. We both rode the same bus to school. She sat either in the back or the very front depending upon her mood (generally it was in the back, since she was one of the first on and last off.) My best friend had a thing for her, while me and her got along like oil and water. Nemisis’ is putting it mildly. We couldn’t really stand the sight of the other. She would go on and finish school in 98’ while I would not graduate until 2000.

After her graduation she tried community college for a little while, but then decided to join the United States Coast Guard. She would serve her four years and get out. However, upon her leaving, she was leaving while bearing a child, (not mine). We would eventually run into each other at a young adults party from a church we were both attending.

Several months would pass and there was a concert coming to town which she wanted someone to go with her to. No one else volunteered so I stepped up and took her. This was our first official date in November of 2004. I distinctly remember sharing a Coke with her, and I never shared my drink with anyone. LOL

We would hang out on an occasion off and on over the next several months. Until one day she stops by my home to tell me she can’t see me anymore, because she is afraid we are becoming to serious. I was devastated. I would still check on her and Ethan from time to time.

After a while I told her it was fine for us to just be friends and I would get her and take her out to lunch when she was at work. I would buy her little things I knew she liked. Just trying to be a good friend. We eventually fell in love with each other and I would propose to her in Nags Head NC. on the steps of the light house there,it was April 2006.

Our wedding day was a grand day filled with tears of joy and lots of laughter. There were some times I thought to myself how lucky I was to have her, and scared to death of losing her. I realized the magnitude of what I had entered into and it weighed heavy on me that day. While I should have been more in the moment I was in the future already worrying about things out of my control.

But again my hope laid in someone greater than myself.

While we have had our ups and our downs, the Lord has been our grounding point and we are trusting Him to provide and take care of us. We will be celebrating eight years of marriage this year and have two handsome young men as evidence of our love.

I hope these post have been giving you some greater insight in to who I am, and why I think and feel the way I do.

Question: What was your courtship like leading up to your wedding day?


  1. timewithtandy

    I was also married o. April 21 but many years before you! We had our first date in early October and were engaged 10 weeks later, just before Christmas. It was a short courtship but we must have done something right because next month we celebrate 42 years of marriage!

    1. pmhorneadmin (Post author)

      Tandy, That is awesome!! Congrats on 42 years. I hope you have been enjoying the series so far. 😀 God Bless, Paul


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