The Day I Was Diagnosed with Fibromyalgia

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The Story

I don’t have an exact date in my memory of when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia (hence forth referred to as fibro). I just remember it was around eight months after having my gastric bypass surgery I found out I have this horrid diseases/syndrome. I phrase it this way because if you speak to a medical professional most of them will say its a syndrome while us who suffer from it think of it as a disease.

Like I have said it was after having my surgery, I thought it was just residual pain, but it started to effect more and more of my body and would not go away. I also found myself experiencing temperature variants which never bothered me before. I noticed things would hit me and hurt me a ton more than they ever had. I began to get worried so I went to see my primary care physician (the same one who recommended the surgery). As I sat there explaining my symptoms he had this puzzled look on his face.

It took several visits before he gave me the diagnosis, which is why I believe I cannot pinpoint a diagnosis date. Unlike most of the other events that changed my life. Fibro will do that to you, it affects your memory along with a whole host of other things. As I stood in the Drs. office describing my sleepless nights, the migraines, the constant pain and severe sensitivity to touch on certain points on my body, he seemed to have an epiphany and said “You have Fibromyalgia!” not I think you do, or you might, he said it definitively.

I didn’t know how to respond because I had always understood it to be a woman’s disease. I mean come on when you see the commercials on TV all they ever show are women. Now I had to figure out how to deal with a new malady. I thought the reason I had the surgery was to get rid of a bunch of these problems and here I am in a worse boat than when I started. Let me not blame just one surgery I ended up having four different degrees of surgery in 2012. So I think my body was in such a state of shock, it was only reacting the way it knew how.

I am not your average patient, since having the surgery I have a lot longer list of meds I cannot take, along with allergies. Now I am on a bunch of different meds in which they help some days and other days they do didly squat. I rarely have a migraine any more, but a lot of my other symptoms are still present. This thing called fibro I wouldn’t wish on anyone. If a government could find a way to weaponize it they would have the greatest threat in the world because it is debilitating. There are days I am hardly able to get out of bed. On the days I can get out of bed there are days I cannot hardly think straight.

The graphic above taken from does a decent job depicting some of the problems we face. There is still a ton of other problems they just don’t have room for on one info graphic. One of the biggest problems apart from the pain and cognitive issues, has been weight gain which is not cool since having gastric bypass to correct my weight issue. The fatigue which comes from this damn disease is unreal. I can hardly do laundry without needing to rest in between loads.

I hate what has been given to me, but I do believe it is for a reason. While I may not fully understand the reason, I know the ultimate goal is the glory of Jesus Christ. It is not always easy to remember this, but I do try and be a light in and through this malady.

Question: What are you going through that ultimately is for the glory of God alone?


  1. terrielea

    God bless you, Paul. Thank you for sharing this. Blessings to you.

    1. pmhorneadmin (Post author)

      Thank you for your kind words. It is my pleasure to share this with the world. God Bless, Paul.


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