The Day My Wife Told Me She Was Pregnant


We had spent a romantic weekend away with friends, back in September 2007. We were in the Outer Banks of NC. And as time passed my wife began to worry more or less that she may be pregnant. I wouldn’t be until November of 2007 (just over 6 months of marriage) our lives would change again.

It was late in the evening I was lying in bed after a hard day getting ready to go to sleep. My wife comes into the bedroom with this look of shock on her face, saying she has something to tell me. She handed me the test and told me “I’m pregnant!” I was in a state of shock at her announcement. I cannot fully recall my actual response because it has been over seven years since the event occurred.

I was one of those dads who was involved in everything, when it came to the baby. I helped pick out his name, the crib, you name it I was helping with it. I was overly excited, scared and nervous all at the same time. This was going to be my first biological child. We already had Ethan, whom I adopted several years ago.

Our new bundle of joy would be called Richard Martin after both of our fathers. I remember joking with the mid-wife about him being born on Sunday August 3. Since he was looking as though he was going to miss his July due date. She kindly told me we don’t schedule births on Sundays. Richard entered this world on Sunday August 3, 2008 at 9:57 PM.

He has been a great young man to raise. He comes with challenges that are his own, but I love him more each day. Him and his brother get along like cats and dogs (usually do), for the most part they do okay. I am proud of the men they are becoming and call it an honor to be their dad. While there are times I struggle with loving them equally, I do love them both despite what Ethan would want to tell you.

Question: Do you recall the day you found out you were going to have a child?

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