The Value of Discipleship

So I have recently started a new course from the VergeNetwork on disciple making. While I have gone through the first session and got a lot from it I think I have gotten the most from and hour long Q&A session with Francis Chan and one his disciples. As I sat down with my legal pad I got close to a page or so of notes that I will synthesize and share with you all.
When we think of making disciples we can tend to think that the fruit of a disciple is another disciple, but according to Stew the founder of the Verge Network, “the fruit of a disciple is a disciple maker.” We should enter into relationships with other people and live life on mission together.
Francis Chan started off this discussion with a great thought about trying to follow Scripture as closely as possible-not tradition. As we do this we should be asking ourselves some questions like “What do I see in others that I can encourage?”, “How should I treat my brothers in Christ?”, “How do I live life with them?”
When trying to do life we need to live out our theology in front of others, not just holding in our minds. And, as we are living out this theology work on getting to the heart of those around me. Even if it involves sacrificing more of myself than I was originally prepared to give.  We must be willing to take a step of faith especially when scarred. That step may not look like what you originally thought it would, it may be even better! When we look at the external things like numbers we can often be discouraged, but we should not let that be the case. We shouldn’t assume more people = BETTER and less people means = WORSE, when in reality smaller groups can be great because it allows us to dig deeper with those in that smaller group. 
Like I have learned through several courses now, do it afraid. According to Chan, we should take action and if God doesn’t want it to happen he will take action.
Though our society wants everything to follow a procedure, we need to understand there is not a set formula for discipleship. We cannot expect things to go according a specific plan, but we can do things to make a difference in an orderly fashion. Our goal is not to just make disciples, but disciple makers who are devoted followers of Jesus who’s willing to die to self. As we go forth and make disciples we have to make sure that the Holy Spirit is fully involved in the work we are doing. While we have the Spirit as followers of Christ we must make sure our lives are in order, in order to be an example for others to follow. We must surrender ourselves over to humility and faith- it is to be all about God and no one else.

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