What Are You Willing to do to Serve Jesus?


Over the last several weeks the question of what am I willing to do to serve Jesus kept coming to mind. Was there anything I would be unwilling to do for Him? If so, I probably needed to re-evaluate my reason for doing things. For a week Wednesday evening to the following Wednesday morning our church housed some of our cities needy. It is usually just supposed to be from 630pm until 7am, but you see we had a decent snow storm that weekend and the temps were in the single digits. So instead of being cruel we allowed our guests to stay inside for a continuous 72 hour period, which meant we needed continual help from volunteers. While there were a a few who stepped up to help as they could there were about 4-5 of us who served at least 5-6 out of the seven days and a few who served everyday. I realized these people were in worse shape than I am, being there everyday for seven days became very taxing.

The Lord helped me to realize that it is only through his power I was able to complete this assignment. I did not do if for any kind of glory or praise. I got so caught up in trying to help that I had begun neglecting my own wellbeing. I had to be forcefully told to sit down and take a break. I say that not to brag or be self serving. I was enjoying feeling of some use. I struggle with feeling useful since my fibromyalgia normally kicks my butt. Believe me when I tell you it kicked my butt that week and most of the following week as well as I tried to recuperate.

Getting back to the initial question what are you willing to do to serve the Lord? There are so many people in the church who have the means of time and resources. And yet they are unwilling to part with either. Leaving a small band of people to carry the load for the whole church. When I say church I’m not just referring to the local congregation but the universal church. Which team do you play for? Are you one of the ones who is helping to serve the Lord even if the church doors aren’t open? Or, are you like the others who doing things for the Lord is a drudgery?

I have found myself and most of the others I have served with more at peace and growing more spiritually through our service than those who come to the “church” once a week. I get it that there are things that hinder our ability to meet every time the doors open. But, if you are making excuses for why you cannot be there or helping to serve when you have no physical, mental of financial limitations. It may be time to reexamine your heart and see where your love truly lies. Because it sounds like it may be for things and not for Jesus. I got to know a few men much better through this event and must say they have a heart that wants to serve the Lord by any means possible.

Hear me when I say I am far from perfect, my kids will attest to that. I am not trying to gain my salvation through works, I am like James says in chapter 2 of his NT book, showing my faith by my good works.

If the Lord were to ask you to do something outside of your comfort zone would you be obedient, or would you say someone else who is gifted for that can do that? The blessing you have been waiting on may just come in the form of work you really don’t want to do.

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